Huntsman Launches ALTIRIS(R) Pigment

SHANGHAI, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia-AsiaNet/ —

Infrared Reflecting Pigments Enable Solar Reflection in any Color

The Pigments division of Huntsman Corporation (NYSE: HUN) today launched its
ALTIRIS(R) infrared reflecting pigment at the Huntsman Customer Event in China.
The ALTIRIS(R) pigment gives coatings and polymer products in any color the
power to reflect solar energy. In a world that needs low carbon solutions to
cool buildings, vehicles and ships, Huntsman’s ALTIRIS(R) pigment presents a
significant opportunity to deliver energy efficiency combined with custom color
branding in the widest color choice available.

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President of Huntsman Pigments, Simon Turner said, "China’s 12th five year plan
calls for significant reductions in carbon dioxide and energy consumption by
2015 and our ALTIRIS(R) pigment can help achieve reductions in both of these.
We’ve already seen significant opportunities in industries such as construction
and transportation. ALTIRIS used in coatings can better reflect the sun’s
energy, helping to keep interiors cooler, while reducing energy needed to power
air-conditioning systems and at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions
and costs. It’s a great new innovation from Huntsman that gets to the heart of
our brand promise – enriching lives through innovation."

Dr. Rob Portsmouth, business development director at Huntsman said, "Our
ALTIRIS(R) pigment delivers a unique set of benefits: Superior tailored
reflectance; from a single additive allowing formulators to develop solar
reflection in any color. This combination was not available before Huntsman’s
ALTIRIS(R) pigment."

ALTIRIS(R) pigment can dramatically increase solar reflection by more than 100
percent in some color ranges and even in black. It can also help increase a
product’s lifespan as coatings that stay cooler suffer less from heat cycling
stresses, which helps prevent delamination and peeling.

"I am happy to see new cool-colored products are being brought to the market,"
said Dr. Hashem Akbari, a Building, Civil, and Environmental Professor and
Leader of the Heat Island Group at Concordia University and the principal
investigator for the development of cool-colored materials, a collaborative
effort with the industry. "Products that incorporate the ALTIRIS(R) infrared
reflecting pigment give consumers greater color choice whilst reducing energy

The ALTIRIS(R) pigment can also open up new markets for polymer products as
they make them less prone to warping. This means polymer products can now be
used in warmer regions of the world where they would have previously been

SOURCE Huntsman